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Create your own poll by entering all your questions and possible answers. Then, select the characteristics of the voters you wish to be eligible to respond to your questionnaire. To provide you with a greater sample, voting rights are granted to all visiting users and not just to subscribers, provided that they have previously signed up.

Mobile Phones

Note down the number and duration of your calls, the number of text messages you sent and your use of mobile internet, over a period of a few months. The Mobile Phones application calculates the average values and provides you with the necessary data, to choose the mobile phone plan that best suits you in value-for-money terms.


Enter your Car Fuel and Heating Consumption details. The Car Fuel Consumption application calculates your total cost of driving around, your car’s average fuel consumption per 100 miles or km and the average cost per mile or km. The Heating Consumption application calculates your total heating cost, the average consumption per hour, the average cost per hour or per day and the average hourly or daily cost per heated area unit.


Type in the details of the receipts you receive for your daily transactions, such as the receipt date, the issuer, the value of the receipt, and choose the related expenditure category among different groups. The application calculates the following for the selected time period: the total number and the total value of all receipts; the total number and the total value of the receipts per time period, per issuer or per expenditure category. It also calculates the percentage of each expenditure category to the total expenditure, thus revealing your unique consumer behaviour.


This application only aims at financial Classifieds. It allows businessmen to present their business using texts, data, tables and photos; businesses and freelancers to promote their activities to potential customers; investors to look for interesting investment proposals; and employees and job seekers to search for job offers. All visiting users, and not just subscribers, have access to Classifieds.


Compare your personal profile to all users’ averages. In case you wish to get more representative results, you may apply one or more filters, to compare your profile solely to users who bear similar features to yours –age group, nationality, gender, profession or education level. Currently, you may use the Statistics in the Mobile Phones, Receipts and Freelancers applications.


Record the invested funds, the transactions, inflows and outflows, profits and losses in your portfolio, and monitor the current value of your investments, namely equities, bonds, treasury bills, ETFs and mutual funds, individually and in total, as well as your deposits and cash balances. The Portfolio application allows you to record any fund deposit to or withdrawal from your portfolio, all your transactions, dividends and interest received; to calculate the interest on your bonds and time deposits, the yield-to-maturity for your bonds and treasury bills; to calculate the average cost value for your investment products and your profit and losses, individually for each of your products or the aggregate per investment category.


This application covers various types of fixed rate loans. Namely, Simple Loans, Loans with Grace Period with or without Interest Capitalization, Balloon Loans with an oversized instalment due at the maturity date, Loans with instalments increasing or decreasing in a given percentage, Loans with Constant Capital instalments and Loans with multiple fixed instalments per year and increasing or decreasing instalments for specific years. In each loan calculation, the application summarises all the details you have entered and calculates the ones that you want. For each loan the application compiles a Loan Repayment Table that contains all useful information.


Record your monthly income and expenses and the total number of your appointments or visits for up to three freelancing activities. The application will provide you with your total income, total profit and total number of appointments or visits per month cumulatively for all your activities; with the average monthly income per appointment, individually for each freelance activity and cumulatively for all of them; as well as with their percentage change, comparing this month to the respective month of the previous year. All data are also calculated cumulatively per year.

Cash Flow Budgeting

There is a Cash Flow Budgeting application dedicated to households and one dedicated to businesses. This application aims to help you in keeping your finances in order at all times. Enter in detail your current liquidity and funds, the total inflows you anticipate to receive from your activities or other sources and all the expenditures, payments and savings you plan to make by the end of the selected budget period. The application summarises all this information in a Table which offers you an overall view. This Table also shows you the amount by which your anticipated inflows exceed or fall short of your scheduled outflows, as well as your available liquidity after all expenditures have incurred at the end of the reference period.


It converts one unit of measurement into another and calculates a quantity in various units, presenting the results in a panoramic table. Namely, the application converts units of measurement that fall under the following categories: Area, Energy, Force, Length, Magnetic Field, Mass, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Velocity and Volume. It also makes currency conversions and allows you to convert amounts in up to five currencies, in addition to the default ones.

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